For as long as I can remember, I have loved cars. Foreign, domestic, old or modern, I like pretty much everything. The enegineering, crafstmanship and technology that goes into automobiles is as incredible as it is fascinating. My favorite video games growing up have always been racing games. I watch television and YouTube videos about cars all the time; I just can't get enough. I also enjoy motorcycles nearly as much. They're so artfully constructed and fun, how could I not love them?

I recently became the proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler and I love it to death. I'm already saving money to buy wheels and tires, a soft top, and much much more for it. The community of Jeep owners is huge and full of resources. My favorite thing about the Jeep is how accessible parts and information about the car are. I'll be able to fully customize my jeep exactly as I want it which is exactly how owning a car should be in my opinion. The Jeep is also perfect for when I take trips to the beach with my family.

I also have a huge bucket list of dream cars to drive or own some day. Most of them are exotic sports cars but I also have a spot in my heart for cars like my Jeep or Mini Coopers. My top three list of cars to own changes all the time but currently they are:

Ferrari 458 Mercedes SLS AMG Lamborghini Huracan