Ozona SunsetOcean View

One of my smaller hobbies is photography. I certainly have much to learn in respect to principals and techniques and I only really shoot with my iPhone, but I enjoy taking pictures. I have never dedicated much time or energy to improving my abilities in photography but I find pleasure in trying to use a camera to capture the beauty of the world around me. I go through time periods in which all I want to do is find fun or different angles to take picture of things we all see every day and then I often go months without taking any pictures at all. Photography, for me, is an on again / off again love affiar.

One of my favorite things to photograph is the setting sun. The countless ways the same event can appear so different is mesmerizing to me. Moving clouds, changing weather, different locations and so much more can all change the way we see the sun set each day and I like trying to cature as many variations of this daily event. Playing with aperture or framing to create different feelings is incredibly satisfying and I look forward to developing my skills over time to see how much more effectively I can capture the sun setting.

My second favorite thing to take picture of is the ocean. Rising and crashing waves, passing ships and shorelines can all serve to pique interest in the already captivating expanse of ocean. My mom, sister and grandparents live near enough to Galveston that we get to take beach trips a couple of times each year. Every time we visit the beach I try to find a new persepctive to photograph the beach or the ocean from.

I'm very open to advice or instruction about photography so if anyone has any nuggets of wisdom to pass along, please don't hesitate to send them to me in an email via the link on my home page.